14 Must-Haves for Professionals On-the-Go

The act of traveling for work, of getting from point A to B, is something that most people either hate or tolerate. And when considering that millions of business trips happen each week in Canada, that’s quite the number of potentially disgruntled businessmen and women at any given point in time.

Frustrations can easily arise when delayed flights, crying babies, impatient fellow passengers, long security lines, and the like converge. Luckily, managing expectations and a bit of preparation go a long way in making travel for business more enjoyable.

For starters, if you’re planning on hitting the road for work in the near future, consider packing along these 14 must-haves for professionals on-the-go.

1. An App That Scans

Why pack a stack of papers in your briefcase when you could store them in the cloud? Opt to lighten your load with Adobe Scan, a free app that allows you to easily scan documents into PDFs for mobile viewing. You can even add new business contacts to your phone with the quick scan of a business card.

2. Wireless Travel Router

If you can’t risk being disconnected while traveling for work, don’t rely on public WiFi. Invest in a wireless travel router to keep your connection strong and fast whether you’re at your hotel room or on the road.

3. WiFi Privacy

When connecting to a public hotspot is your only option, do so knowing your information is secure. Norton’s WiFi Privacy VPN encrypts your data while connected to public WiFi, making the information you send and receive unreadable to others on the network.

3. Portable Chargers

Stop scouring airport walls for the nearest outlet. A portable and lightweight power bank keeps all of your electronics, from cellphone to laptop, charged and ready for work.

4. Business Cards

You never know what connections you might make while traveling for work. Whether you’re a small business owner or corporate salesperson, make sure your supply of business cards is always stocked and on hand.

5. Travel Document Organizer

If you’re traveling with a number of important documents, keep them easily accessible with a travel document organizer. Consider one that protects against RFID scanning to help protect against identity theft and other digital crimes.

6. Quality Luggage

When you travel frequently for work, a quality piece of luggage is a long term investment in your future peace of mind. Keep in mind factors like size, weight, organizable compartments, locking mechanisms, and durability when choosing a bag best suited for your needs.

7. A Good Pair of Headphones

Turn up the tunes or block out all noise completely. With a quality pair of headphones, you can drown out the sounds of everyone around you to focus on the work in front of you or destress after a long day on the move.

8. Sleep Mask

Long flight ahead of you? No problem. Cover your eyes with a sleep mask to relax and arrive recharged upon landing in your business destination.

9. Travel Pillow

Avoid a sore neck after resting your head against that airplane window. Find what comfort you can in those confined aisles with a travel pillow.

10. An Umbrella

There’s nothing quite like flying from 18 degrees and sunny to 10 degrees and raining. Be prepared for whatever your destination’s weather throws your way by keeping an umbrella close at hand.

11. Shoe Shine Kit

Put your best foot forward, literally. Keep a shoe shine kit handy when you travel and walk into those crucial business meetings with confidence.

12. Lint Roller

A lot can happen to a suit from departure to arrival, especially if you’re wearing it on the plane. Lint rollers are an easy accessory to carry along for helping your look stay polished, regardless of the time in flight.

14. Snacks and Gum

Traveling on an empty stomach can only further aggravate a difficult travel situation. In between layovers and cab rides, munch on a selection of snacks — and gum to keep that breath fresh post-airplane nap.

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