The Best Browsers for Mobile Devices

Every smartphone and tablet comes with a preloaded browser and many of us don’t think twice about using that browser for the life of the device. However, there are number of browser options with a range of great features available for mobile devices. Here are a few of the best mobile browsers available for iOS and Android devices:


1. Dolphin Browser

Android, iOS | Free


Dolphin was one of the first alternative browsers for Android that featured multi-touch gesture support. These days, Dolphin has a host of great features, like gesture browsing, which allows you to call websites by drawing characters on your screen. It even comes with some pre-loaded gestures for popular sites, like an F for Facebook. The Dolphin Sonar feature allows users to search and navigate in the browser. Dolphin even has an AdBlocker, helping users to get the best browsing experience by preventing pop-ups, ads, and banners.


2. Opera Mini

Android | Free


Opera browser comes in a few different flavours but the most impressive is Opera Mini. Opera Mini speeds up load times, making it the ideal browser for users who struggle with data usage or spotty coverage. This browser compresses parts of websites and blocks ads to reduce data usage. Users with older or basic devices will also find Opera Mini useful.


3. Aloha Browser

Android, iOS | Free


Aloha is a privacy-focused browser that comes with an unlimited encrypted VPN built in. To use it, a user simply needs to tap the shield in the browser to turn on the VPN and browse privately. In addition to private browsing, Aloha allows users to lock browser tabs so they can only be accessed using touch ID. Aloha also has an ad-blocker and media player built-in.


4. Mozilla Firefox

Android, iOS | Free


Mozilla Firefox has been popular on desktop for some time but you probably haven’t used it on your mobile device. However, Firefox offers a pretty great mobile browsing experience that offers popular site suggestions, private browsing, and articles recommended by Pocket. The app also syncs browsing data across devices.


For users looking for a truly private browsing experience, Firefox Focus automatically blocks trackers and allows you to easily erase your history, passwords, and cookies.


5. Brave Browser

Android, iOS | Free


Brave is another browser focused on ad blocking and security. Brave blocks ads and ad trackers, so you won’t be hit with ads for products similar to those you’ve searched. With ads and ad trackers stripped out of websites, Brave is also incredibly fast. It loads pages up to eight times faster than Chrome and Safari, the standard preloaded browsers on Android and iOS devices.

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