Our Top Holiday Gift Picks

The holidays are a fun and special time filled with family, friends, love and joy. And as they get closer, we know that you are starting to think less about the fun and more about how you are going to make it special. What will the gift of the year be? What is at the top of everyone’s lists? What will make this holiday season memorable?

Find them all here.

Google Home

Google Home is always on and always ready to help. Ask Google questions at all hours of the day for real-time answers on weather, traffic, sports, news and more. It doubles as a speaker to play your favourite tunes and is a great first step in converting to a Smart Home. Before you know it, you’ll be able to control the lights, temperature and TV from your chair by simply saying “OK Google.”

MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro is razor-thin, feather-light and durable enough to take everywhere you go – and powerful enough to do everything once you get there. With up to 10 hours of battery, high-fi delity sound, retina display with bright LED backlighting and so many more innovative features, our Tech Services associates in-store will be able to help you pick out the perfect MacBook Pro for the holidays.

Gaming Chair

If you’re not a gamer, you probably don’t understand that this holiday season, a gaming chair is not a want, but a need. It’s not only incredibly comfortable for the long hours the gamer in your life will spend sitting in it, but is also ergonomically and orthopedically designed. Our gaming chairs are crafted to perfection and are designed to support the shoulders, head and neck through adjustable seats, tilt tension and lock, extra padding, lumbar support, full recline function and so much more.

Beats Solo3 Headphones

There is only one word to accurately describe Beats Solo3 Headphones: impressive. Power them on, hold them near your iPhone and watch them simultaneously connect and start playing the soundtrack to your
life. With up to 40 hours of battery, (five-minute charge for three hours of play) clear, balanced sound, noise-isolation features, and adjustable ear cups, you can’t ask for anything more!

Bose Speaker

Make your music vibrant this holiday season with the Bose® SoundLink Colour bluetooth speaker. This portable bluetooth speaker is small, durable and simple to use. Play your favourite tunes out loud in clear, full audio anywhere you bring it with 30 feet of wireless range and up to 8 hours of battery life. At the cottage, on the beach, in the gym or an evening at home, this is the speaker for you. Choose a colour that matches your style and hit play!

HP Envy Laptop

The remarkable versatility of the HP Envy x360 PC gives you the freedom to work, watch or play anytime, anywhere. Embrace the power of the newest AMD processor packed into a slim, private and sleek design this holiday season.

HP Sprocket

We were introduced to the HP Sprocket last year and are still loving it. With everything becoming so digital, this device is perfect if you miss having printed photos around. With the HP Sprocket, you don’t have to sacrifice your iPhone camera quality, while having the functionality to edit photos and print directly from social media.

Pocket Projector

The pocket projector is the perfect gift if you want to step outside the box. This extremely unique gift integrates revolutionary innovation with a compact design to produce high-quality imaging in a truly portable package. This pocket projector allows you to transport to the fantasy world of your choice with full video and audio capabilities.

Keurig K-Select Brewer

The Keurig K-Select is the newest addition to the coffee maker family, with a new “Strong Brew” and four size options. With the new chic design and more intuitive features available in matte black, this is the perfect addition to any kitchen. I don’t think there is a more needed gift than morning coffee, do you?

Coloured Pencils

You may look at a pack of 48 pencil crayons and see school supplies you only buy in September, but when a child receives them as a gift, they are thinking of all the fridge-worthy masterpieces they
will soon create. It’s a seemingly simple present that will have ideas, creativity and inspiration flowing in those little minds in no time.


A journal is a simple gift that can go a long way. Pair it with a thoughtful card on why you are giving to your recipient, and it may be their favourite gift of the season! It can be used to express creativity through drawing, as a daily outlet for mental health support, as a place to set and track goals as the New Year approaches, and so much more!

Sharpie Markers

With this 23-pack, your to-do lists will never look better! Teachers can use them by creating a legend of colours, parents can use them for colour coordinating at-home calendars, students can use them for their notes, and don’t deny that every office could use some extra sharpie markers laying around.

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