The New Apple iPad: The Perfect Classroom Tool

This week in Chicago Apple unveiled a new iPad with a number of features for education. While the tech giant’s education events tend to draw smaller crowds than its consumer events, the announcements are equally important. Here’s what Apple has in store for educators and students in the coming months:


A New iPad

It comes as no surprise that the star of the event was a brand new iPad. Coming in at 9.7 inches, the new iPad features Apple Pencil support, something that was previously reserved for Pro versions of the device. An accessory like the Apple Pencil not only offers pixel-perfect precision but also gives students and teachers a more tactile experience. The pencil can be used to take notes, draw and paint, or mark up emails and documents. In short, it offers flexibility and an experience close to that of using a pen and paper.


While the Apple Pencil is sold separately and carries a hefty price tag for a student accessory, Apple announced that the new iPad would support a third-party writing device manufactured by Logitech. The Logitech Crayon stylus is a little more playful and kid-friendly than the Apple Pencil. It also carries a much more palatable price tag, making it more affordable for parents of scattered kids who are likely to use such a small accessory.


In addition to pencil support, the new iPad offers a faster experience, thanks to its new A10 Fusion chip. Combined with its 10 hours of battery life, this makes it the perfect classroom tool.


New Software

Apple also announced a new education app and that both students and teachers will benefit from.


Schoolwork will allow teachers to manage their classrooms digitally: handing out assignments, communicating due dates, and sharing PDFs or links. To allow students to get the most of these features, Apple will also expand student iCloud accounts to 200GB of storage.


New Curriculum

While the right tools are a very important in the classroom, the right curriculum is essential to helping students achieve their potential. To that end, Apple has introduced a new curriculum aimed at bringing creativity to every subject through video, photography, music and drawing. Coming in the fall, Everyone Can Create will allow teachers to integrate these skills into traditional subjects using apps such as Clips, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Keynote and more. All of these apps are free to students and teachers and are built into the new iPad. Some have even received valuable updates to make them even better suited to the classroom.


With powerful features and tools, the new iPad is sure to be an outstanding addition to the classroom and thanks to Apple’s

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